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Air Backroll

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David Ngiam

David Ngiam


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Air Backroll

Author : David Ngiam

If you got your backrolls consistent, the air roll isn't too difficult. The basic thing you have to remember is what gives you enough air to land the trick is the amount of line tension you have built up (like with most other inverts).

Firstly, try surfing the wake a little and get a feel of how the line tension builts up each time you cut away from the wake. When you're ready to hit it, cut away from the wake digging your heels to built up more tension and when you feel that the line tension is at its strongest just cut up and away like you would on a normal backroll, but really focus on keeping you handle low so that its easier to spin around it. The landings pretty much the same as a backroll just with a little more slack in the line after landing it.

The hard part is getting the timing right for the pop. Just when you feel the line tension tight enough, don't rush the pop, but kind of scoop up and away. At the point when you scoop up, you should be standing pretty tall, else you'll finish the roll on your butt (you still can ride away though if you have a big ass like me). Some people feel its easier to go to revert instead (aka air roll to revert). It might help to start first by trying a one wake backroll from the inside to out.

Video : Tan Suter

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